Vertical Identity Security Patrol can provide your community with a highly visible guard to deter criminal activity while promoting a safe community. We offer both standing guard services as well as courtesy patrol. We offer flexible services and will work with your property management team to set a plan of action and take care of your needs. While on patrol our guards will observe and report any maintenance problems, abandoned or suspicious vehicles and alert the proper authorities if necessary. Our guards will provide your property manager with real time reporting powered by Silver Trac Software.


Our team of security professionals is here to take care of all of your corporate security needs. Vertical Identity Security Patrol can provide a custom plan to ensure the safety of both your employees and customers. Our guards maintain a professional working relationship with your employees and customers while ensuring their safety and the protection of your company. Our guards can make undetermined patrols of your property and maintain a sign in log of all visitors.


The importance of Securing construction sites and maintaining a safe work environment for our clients is understood by Vertical Identity Security Patrol. Our guards are dedicated to ensuring that work site theft is eliminated from your work sites saving you money, time, and hassle. Our guards are available 24-7 to make certain your work is protected.


Our uniformed guards will actively patrol your hospital building, common areas, and parking lots to ensure the safety of your hospital staff and patients. Vertical Identity Security Patrol Security Specialist are trained to be calm, compassionate, and helpful in any situation. Our guards will secure the premises and follow your daily hospital procedures. All Security Specialist who are assigned to any healthcare facility will be IAHSS certified.

Hotels Resorts

Hotels and Resorts are in business for one thing; to provide customers with a safe and secure place to feel at home. Our guards will provide such an environment for both your guest and your employees. Vertical Identity Security Patrol will provide you with the proper guards to deter against theft and vandalism as well as responding to guest and staff concerns.

Retail/Loss Prevention

Millions of dollars every year is lost do to theft. Vertical Identity Security Patrol can assist your retail store with loss prevention by actively monitoring patrons and acting as a deterrent against theft and other crimes inside and outside of your retail business. Our Security Specialist can be in full uniform or plain clothes if needed.


Whatever your event, Vertical Identity Security Patrol can provide you with professional uniformed Security Specialist to make sure your event is safe and secure allowing the participants to focus on the occasion. Our Security Specialist are equipped with the proper tools and training to allow them to effectively keep even the largest crowds safe.

Armed Services

At Vertical Identity Security Patrol we only seek out former law enforcement or former military personnel to fill our armed security positions. Once hired and properly licensed through DPS and undergo a 40 hour firearms course, These individuals are required to attend a mandatory quarterly handgun qualification and must maintain our stringent requirements. Although the state of Arizona requires a 70 percent pass on shooting qualifications, our company requires 85 percent as a passing score.  Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to hiring Armed Guards your life might be depend on it.